2002 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy





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Take a close look at these pictures. This is no rat bike. This builder took his time and installed some pretty nice stuff. I'm not done cleaning it yet but look at the wheels. They are polished. Ape hangers, Vance and Hines short shot pipes, Lots of chrome. This bike isn't going to Sturgis but its a perfect bar hopper or afternoon cruiser. This is a totally unique bike for an occasional rider who wants something cool. In fact I already know who is going to buy this bike. A guy that has had bikes before but not now. You have a family, a house, a job and you just don't have time to ride but you want to. You got a scruffy edge to you that doesn't get polished off at a PTA meeting or because you mowed your grass the best. It gets polished off on a motorcycle hauling ass down a county highway on a Saturday afternoon ging nowhere. So now you are looking for a bike and it's not gonna be a Honda and its not gonna be a Beemer or a Ducati. Its going to be an HFD. Yes, your wife will hate it. She'll see a widowmaker in the garage instead of an elaborate dining set. But she's gonna allow it anyway because she remembers that she didn't marry you for your polished fingernails and skinny jeans. She doesn't want her old man turning into a pussy any more than you do.And it doesn't cost a zillion dollars. In the winter when you go out to the garage to change the cat litter or get another bottle of milk from the garage fridge and you see your bike in the corner you wont see a waste of money or a nagging payment. You see your HFD. And the first nice day in the spring you are going to ride it and love it. Everyone will stand around it and look at it including the guy with the $40,000 Street Glide because it is interesting and cool. I'll see you here. Bring your credit card. CARSMART - Jeff - 206-365-6123.----Grand Disclosure with bonus rants and valuable commentary from the President of Carsmart---- Carsmart will assist Washington state in the collection of a 10.4% sales tax on the entire amount of your purchase. 10.4% does seem ridiculously high considering that it is used property which has been taxed at least once already, but that is the price of civilization right? The state has needs, and the morons we have in office right now seem to have no interest in efficiency. Practical responsible budgeting is hard work and that takes the effort of smart hard working people and that is not who we elected. We can complain all we want but we voted them in, so who really are the morons anyway? So it's 10.4%. It sucks. I send it to the Department of Revenue once a month and they accept it without a word of appreciation. I don't want to collect it, that's for sure. You don't want to pay it - Who would? Just to pay the pension of a lazy ex government politician? Cover the billion dollar tunnel mistake? Bond payments for the West Seattle bridge? Gross! But we do get a little bit for it and that is civilization and the absolute right to complain about taxes without some mean man coming to your door to haul you away for saying bad things about the government. It could be worse. Way worse. And now about those license tabs: Elections have consequences, but initiatives to the people do not. '$30 tabs please' say the people and 'Nope' says the judge. 'We already voted for the choo-choo train and we sold the bonds and started the job. Just because you changed your mind now doesn't mean we can stop this huge job', he says. Vehicle licensing is expensive because it was voted for by the people. The state has leaked a few unfair fees in there for sure, but mostly it was us. I hate collecting it, it sucks. But here I am, the guy with the business license, so the state calls it a privilege and makes me collect it from you. I pass it on directly to a friendly neighborhood Department of Licensing sub-agency who sends it right to the state where it is divided up and given to several government agencies who then promptly squander it in the most

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